Articles to Finnish Web sites and Forums

For the past two years, we have been writing articles to a wide variety of websites, in Finnish. Our customers have been companies from Sweden, UK, USA, Germany, Malta etc and the scope of articles has also been wide. We have written articles about health, sports, politics, law, casinos, gambling, athletes, builders and building, construction, fashion, people, history… in fact we currently have three journalists that can write these articles – and we do write them in Finnish sites and public Forums.

Building backlinks to your website

Our main goal is to provide sites relevant to your niche or industry and provide article about your services and products to that site, including backlinks to your site. And as we have done this now for the last two years, we have a direct process to work this.

How do we work?

We usually get first an inquiry about the possibility to write articles in Finland, and in return we give our site and forum list, where we normally write the articles. Sometimes we also take ready written articles and publish them on our sites – as we have sites in different themes such as coffee, cars, health, traffic, history, eSports, sports, fashion, home, constuction, politics, b-to-b, news, people, entertainment….

Normal article

Normally we a given a theme to write about and links to include. We write the article as best as we can and give it back to our client for review, after review we publish the article on site, that have been ordered. 99% of our articles are approved by 1st draft. 

A basic article looks like this:
And with internal links like this:

Most of our sites do accept guest posts. As our process is always the same, the structure of articles remains top quality.


Pricing differs according to the site and Forum, or do you wish to have the post on Facebook, or even made as a YouTube video? Minimum price is around 100 euros per article ypto 350 euros per article.

Ask for details: