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1.Will the post come live on the homepage or inner page?

Depends on the site, usually is is according to theme, atleast it is shown as latest posts for some time even on homepage

2: Post should not be sponsored or any other word related to that will be added.  Yes, thats ok

3. Some sample posts:






4.Will you provide do-follow links? yes

5.Does this site accept sports betting and casino links? yes

6. Can you share the post on your site social media? on most of the sites is automated

7. Give me the best price per post.

Depends on amount you need, like 4 articles can be made with 500€

8.Who will write the article?

We can write the articles according to your needs. The article is first sent to you prior to publish. After your approval the article is posted online.

9. Ho is payments handled?

All payments are done via PayPal in €, only in some cases we use direct invoicing.



Business ID 1359608-5
Latest information As of Information source
Trade name ER-Tuki
Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Company form Private person carrying on trade Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Home municipality LOHJA 06/23/2009 Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Language Finnish 01/01/1998 Tax Administration
Main line of business Computer consultancy activities (62020) 06/08/2009 Tax Administration
Postal address Kalkkipetteri
08700 LOHJA
02/15/2005 Common
E-mail kari.oksanen@ertuki.fi 06/12/2009 Common
Mobile Phone 0400-733469 02/15/2005 Common

Registrations in force

Register Status As of
Trade register Registered 06/23/2009
Tax Administration Registered 01/01/1998
Prepayment register Registered 06/08/2009
Value added tax-liability VAT-liable for business activity 06/08/2009

Prepayment register check dates

in 2018 in 2019 and after
28 February, 1 September and 1 December 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December

Business ID history

Date Event Note
01/03/1998 ID given